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Action Audit at the Wolves Summit conference in Berlin

Aleksander Niemczyk

Aleksander Niemczyk


Action Audit at the Wolves Summit conference in Berlin

On March 26th, I participated in the Scale Up with Wolves and European CVC Awards conference organized by Wolves Summit in Berlin. On this occasion, I had the pleasure (although my serious expression might suggest otherwise) of presenting Action Audit to a wider audience, which included, besides other startups and scaleups, a significant number of VC and CVC fund representatives.

Despite being quite small, the conference was extremely valuable with many interesting lectures and panel discussions. I was particularly captivated by the fact-rich and data-driven presentation by Francois Mazoudier from Fundraising Bootcamp. It allowed me to view the condition of VC funds and the chances of obtaining financing much more optimistically than what mainstream information would suggest about the supposed drying up of funding sources, the collapse of thousands of startups, and the grim future awaiting us all. Referring to reliable data and approaching the anomalies of 2021 and 2022, when companies raised astronomical sums, with a degree of distance allows us to see that the trend is still our friend.

Project Presentations

Ten scaleups, including Action Audit, were invited to present their projects on the main stage! The competition was very strong, and the projects were incredibly varied in theme, although everyone expected a massive attack of solutions based on artificial intelligence. Our solution met with great interest, and in later conversations, people I spoke with pointed to the ease of use and the project's significant potential as the main advantages.

Two innovative (yet completely different) projects particularly interested me. The founders of the first, Holday Heroes, decided to change the approach to searching for trips and vacations in a way that might be especially interesting for busy people who simply don't want to waste time clicking through extensive forms. Instead of indicating the destination of their next vacation, the user specifies their area of interest, date range, and budget, and the service returns a list of matching options.

The goal of the second project was... the production of t-shirts. Why do I find it extremely innovative? Because the shirts will be made mostly from CO2 recovered from the air, making them more environmentally friendly than if they were produced using standard methods.


Considering the first public presentation of Action Audit, the countless specific conversations with other conference participants, including VC fund representatives, and the huge amount of knowledge gained, I consider the Wolves Summit in Berlin to be very successful for us. Moreover, the positive reception of our solution gives us a lot of fuel (now probably better to say "electricity" :-) to continue working and further develop the project.

Aleksander Niemczyk, Action Audit

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