Action Audit

Reliable and timely audits - and all your work still gets done!

Reliable and timely audits - and all your work still gets done!

Save up to 70% of the time you spend on auditing your processes and standards

Configured to your needs

A wide range of configuration options will allow you to adjust the process to the reality of your organization.

Completely paperless

Thanks to the use of a web application and a mobile application you will perform the entire auditing process without a single piece of paper.

Instant reporting

All reports, charts and summaries are available in real time in various scopes and time ranges.

Your audit processes are probably out of control!

Your audit processes are probably out of control!

Factory managers dream of focusing their valuable time on fixing what’s broken, and not on managing a clumsy auditing process that doesn’t produce results they can use. We understand that rewriting results, calculating scores, and preparing reports takes lots of time.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to schedule, implement and evaluate the results of your factory audits quickly, easily and "pain free"?

Action Audit puts the auditing process safely back in your hands

Action Audit is an online management tool that helps lean manufacturers schedule, implement and evaluate factory audits more quickly and with greater transparency by mirroring their existing production processes and using a mobile app to input data.

Use Action Audit to improve all your audit types, including:

Your audit processes are probably out of control!

Optimisation & improvement at every stage

Transparent scheduling

Action Audit gives you convenient tools for creating transparent audit schedules, including layered ones. When creating a schedule, you can use many checklists and assign multiple auditor groups, as well as define different frequency of audits for different layers.

Transparent scheduling

You’re one meeting away from saving 70% of your auditing time

Book a FREE, 30-Minute Consultation where you can learn how Action Audit can make your audits more effective and hassle-free.

This many world class manufacturers can’t be wrong!

Major European automotive Tier 1 manufacturers have already discovered the tremendous impact that Action Audit can have on raising their auditing effectiveness.

Cooper Standard
SFC Solutions
Sila Group
Unimet Automotive


We had an incredible experience working with Ruby Logic and were impressed they made such a big difference in only three weeks. Our team is so grateful for the wonderful improvements they made and their ability to get familiar with the product concept so quickly.

Jenny Wilson


Simple implementation with all the guidance you require

We can help you implement our high-impact solution in as little as 2 days, in three simple steps:

Step 1

You define the parameters and level of user access

Step 2

We prepare a dedicated Action Audit software for you

Step 3

We help you onboard users and start using the tool

We'll also make sure you and your team get all the training and configuration support you need to make sure you get the most out of our online auditing platform.

Plans fit for needs of your organization

We know that a proper evaluation of a new tool within an organization could take time. That is why we offer a 30-day free trial.



per user per month

Billed annually
  • 10 audit zones
  • 1 checklist
  • FAQ access
  • Kick off configuration
  • 500 MB of storage for attachments

  • Scheduling and management
  • Automatic audit launching audits and drawing of auditors
  • Audit execution via WWW
  • Deadlines monitoring
  • Basic reports

Most popular



per user per month

Billed annually
  • 50 audit zones
  • 10 checklists
  • Next business day support
  • Standard configuration
  • 5 GB of storage for attachments

Everything in previous plan, plus:

  • Audit execution via mobile
  • Attaching photos to audits
  • Automatic corrective action plans
  • Full reporting
  • Access to predefined checklist including: 5S/6S, HSE, Gemba Walk



per user per month

Billed annually
  • Unlimited audit zones
  • Unlimited checklists
  • 24/7 support
  • Advanced configuration
  • 10 GB of storage for attachments

Everything in previous plan, plus:

  • Company branding on reports
  • Support for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 audits
  • Predefined ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 checklists
  • Project management online tools integration (Asana, Trello,

Forecast of your revenues

For the calculation of the revenue forecast, we took into account only the time savings per audit resulting from the immediate propagation of information, convenient auditor interface on both the computer and the smartphone, and no need to rewrite any data. Other savings, such as less used paper and toner, as well as secondary benefits related to, for example, the reduction of the number of complaints, generate even greater benefits. Get started with Action Audit and check it out by yourself.

PLN 8,880.00 in 1 year

Act now so you can experience Action Audit’s impact today

Spend less time delivering better audit results

Get an auditing solution tailored to your unique needs

Access all the data you're looking for without a single piece of paper in hand.

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