Action Audit

Action Audit - How to Get Started?

Schedule a Free Presentation

Of course, you can simply create an account on your own. However, we recommend starting your journey with Action Audit by participating in a free online presentation.

During the presentation, one of our specialists will introduce you to the web platform and mobile application, explain how to use the system to achieve the best results, and, in the end, you'll collectively decide on the next steps of implementation.

You have nothing to lose, as consultations are free and non-binding. We warmly invite you to them - you can schedule the meeting using this link:

Prepare Basic Configuration Data

During the first meeting, we will launch Action Audit with access for your user, configured based on our best knowledge. System parameters will be adjusted to the industry in which your organization operates.

To start testing, we recommend configuring the software to meet your expectations. Therefore, after the meeting, we will send you a file in which you will provide information needed to apply the configuration, including user data, checklists with questions, and audit schedules.

Start a 30-Day Free Trial

We want you to be sure that Action Audit meets your organization's requirements. Therefore, we propose a 30-day free trial period at the beginning, during which you can test all features of the web platform and mobile application.

During the evaluation period, you have up to 20 user accounts at your disposal. Because of ths, you will see not only how convenient and transparent it is to conduct audits but also to what extent Action Audit improves communication within the team, connecting managers, auditors, leaders, and those responsible for corrective and preventive actions.

If you need a larger number of user accounts to test our solution, let us know and we will increase the basic limit.

Take Advantage of Our Support

Action Audit is an extremely sophisticated tool with many features. Therefore, we expect many questions from your side and other team members while using the application. About 2 weeks after starting the test, we suggest having an additional meeting, where more people usually participate, and the customer's representative answers questions, additionally explains more complex aspects of the application's functioning, and helps customize the configuration.

In addition to that, during the entire testing period, you can contact us through the helpdesk or by email at the designated customer representative address.

Prepare for Production Launch

About a week before the end of the 30-day trial period, based on information from you and an analysis of the current use of the application, we will prepare an individual offer tailored to your needs.

If your organization decides to continue using Action Audit on a subscription basis, we proceed to sign the relevant documents. This process runs parallel to implementation and does not interrupt access to the application.

Transition to Production Mode Smoothly

The complete configuration, as well as all data accumulated during the trial period, will be preserved unless you decide otherwise. In that case, we will clean the database once to let your organization start working with a clean slate. Otherwise, the entire history, all audits, actions, and action plans will remain available.

Thanks to this, the whole organization will transition to the production mode of using the solution practically unnoticed, and each user will be able to work with Action Audit in exactly the same way as before.

Contact Support if Needed

During the first 30 days of using the application, users gain proficiency, and additional questions rarely arise. Nevertheless, our consultants remain at your disposal, providing support throughout the subscription period.

If any issues arise, contact them through the helpdesk.