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What makes Action Audit special?

Antonina Olszewska

Antonina Olszewska


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What makes Action Audit special?

Action Audit is a comprehensive tool that has already helped many companies in managing their audit processes. What makes it different from other tools? Why is Action Audit so appreciated by our clients?

Quick and simple implementation

A company that decides to purchase a new tool/software wants the implementation to be efficient and the benefits of the purchase immediately apparent. That's what Action Audit does. Even before the first meeting with the consultant, our client provides initial expectations regarding the system and the parameters of the current audit process. As a result, after the consultation, the client receives a configured tool, which can be tested for free and without any obligations for 30 to 60 days. During that time clients have got an individual supervisor at their disposal, if necessary.

Tailor-made tool

Action Audit allows for a wide range of configurations, which allow the clients to adapt the tool perfectly to the needs of their companies. In the standard package, the client, together with the consultant, creates the structure of the organization, user accounts, access to the Pulse mobile application, as well as a list of audit zones and one sample checklist. In addition, it is possible to create groups of auditors and a review schedule. All this allows us to customize the tool for each of our clients. When Action Audit starts working in the company, the planning, implementation and evaluation of audits will become fast and transparent.

Full control and quick access

The auditing process often involves meetings (e.g. at Kanban boards) and discussing the various elements of audits, with all the people involved in the process. Action Audit greatly simplifies and speeds up this process. Audits are performed online, so that the Board, Auditor or Zone Leader can track progress in real time, as well as on the mobile app, and receive automatic notifications of results. In addition to this, deadline monitoring and reporting is available, allowing full control of the audit process. This also streamlines and speeds up communication within the company.

What is more...

In addition to the standard Action Audit features I mentioned above, the tool also has extra functionalities. Below are some of them:

  • automatic correction plans,
  • access to ready-made checklists such as: 5S/6S, Health and Safety, Gemba Walk and ISO audits (9001, 14001, 45001),
  • Infokiosk for employees, whereby the employees can read out messages addressed to them or introduce a Kaizen innovation idea,
  • organisational branding on the reports.

I encourage you to check Action Audit in your organization and see that auditing can be quick and easy!

  • VDA 6.3 Audit in Action Audit
    auditVDA 6.3 audit

    VDA 6.3 Audit in Action Audit

    VDA 6.3 is the German standard for a quality management system. It was initiated by the automotive industry and defines a set of rules and standards for car manufacturers suppliers.

    Aleksander Niemczyk

    Aleksander Niemczyk


  • We saved more than 350 trees

    We saved more than 350 trees

    Action Audit is a solution that introduces a new quality in many aspects of planning and conducting the audit process in companies, also in the area of resource savings, including: electricity, paper and other natural resources.

    Aleksander Niemczyk

    Aleksander Niemczyk


  • Five key benefits of implementing Layered Process Audits (LPAs)
    auditsLPA audits

    Five key benefits of implementing Layered Process Audits (LPAs)

    Layered Process Audit (LPA) is a type of process audit with varying frequency of execution that is carried out at many (or all) levels of the organization, from process engineer to plant director. Initially, LPA audits were used especially in the automotive industry, and now they have become a commonly used standard. What really makes LPAs such a valuable tool, and what benefits can you expect from their implementation?

    Aleksander Niemczyk

    Aleksander Niemczyk


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