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VDA 6.3 Audit in Action Audit

Aleksander Niemczyk

Aleksander Niemczyk


VDA 6.3 Audit in Action Audit

VDA 6.3 is the German standard for a quality management system. It was initiated by the automotive industry and defines a set of rules and standards for car manufacturers suppliers.

Audit in accordance with VDA 6.3 consists of two stages: capacity audit - section P1 and proper audit - sections P2-P7.

The implementation of the VDA 6.3 standard in Action Audit is focused on the second stage which covers sections P2 to P7.


Action Audit users have access to a predefined VDA 6.3 audit checklist containing 59 questions divided into 6 categories:

  • P2 - Project Management
  • P3 - Development and process planning
  • P4 - Development and product realization
  • P5 - Supplier management
  • P6 - Production
  • P7 - Customer service and satisfaction, service

In addition, the system provides a rating scale compliant with the VDA:

  • 0 - requirement not met
  • 4 - requirement partially met
  • 6 - requirement partially met but not fully implemented
  • 8 - requirement met, but not confirmed in the documentation
  • 10 - requirement fully met

and a proper results assessment:

  • 91%-100% - conformity
  • 81%-90% - conditional conformity
  • 0%-80% - nonconformity
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    Antonina Olszewska

    Antonina Olszewska


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