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Action Audit becomes an independent brand

Aleksander Niemczyk

Aleksander Niemczyk


Action AuditTransformacja
Action Audit becomes an independent brand

Action Audit, which has so far functioned as a module within the larger Action Plan system, will become its own brand and product, starting from January 2024. It will encompass all auditing functions and certain components from other Action Plan modules.

In our pursuit of delivering the highest quality SaaS products to you, we have decided to focus on refining and further developing the most widely used module of Action Plan, which is Action Audit. This will be done while retaining the availability of functions from other modules, primarily Quick Kaizen.


By analyzing how customers use the Action Plan system, we've found that only 3% of customers exclusively use the action plans module. Another 4% utilize Action Plan for collecting, evaluating, and implementing innovative ideas through Quick Kaizen. As a result, over 90% of customers primarily view Action Plan as a tool for planning and conducting audits, with less emphasis on using other modules.

Considering these results, we have decided to orient the Action Plan project towards audit functionality and rebrand it as Action Audit. The transformation is already in progress, with most of the work expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

What's Changing?

We plan to standardize the nomenclature of various system components and consolidate the internet addresses of all the constituent parts under the domain However, current users will still be able to access the system through the existing addresses:,, and For them, the changes will be mostly cosmetic and related to the internet platform's rebranding.

The pricing of Action Audit subscription packages will also change, with undisputed benefits for current and future customers starting in 2024. In each package variant, attachment storage limits will be increased, and they will be based on the number of users, for example, 10GB for 20 users. Additionally, the Quick Kaizen module will be added to the EXPERT package.

Another crucial aspect of "gaining independence" of Action Audit is the expansion and automation of registration and payment handling. This will include features like self-registration and the provision of a billing panel containing a list of invoices to be downloaded and the ability to modify subscription parameters.

The Schedule

2023 Q3
  • Rebranding of the internet platform
  • Launch of the internet platform at
  • Preparation of a new pricing structure
  • Rebranding of the remaining components of the system, including the Newsletter
2024 Q1
  • Development of a new mobile application Action Audit
  • Launch of self-registration capabilities
  • Provision of a billing panel within the internet platform


The rebranding and transition from Action Plan to Action Audit represent the most significant and complex change since the solution was made available to a broad customer base in 2021. Based on data regarding the use of the Action Plan system and feedback from current users, we are confident that this is a step in the right direction, one that will bring benefits to customers and enable us to further dynamically develop Action Audit.

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    Aleksander Niemczyk

    Aleksander Niemczyk


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