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Aleksander Niemczyk

Aleksander Niemczyk


Hello World!

Hello World! Hello Reader! How else could we start this blog? We are a software company specializing in providing advanced bespoke solutions to production plants.

Hello World

Action Audit is a web-based management tool that helps lean manufacturers plan, implement and evaluate factory audits faster and with more transparency, mirroring their existing manufacturing processes and leveraging a mobile data entry application.

On the blog, we share knowledge and provide important information, including about new versions of the system and important events.

  • Action Audit becomes an independent brand
    Action AuditTransformacja

    Action Audit becomes an independent brand

    Action Audit, which has so far functioned as a module within the larger Action Plan system, will become its own brand and product, starting from January 2024. It will encompass all auditing functions and certain components from other Action Plan modules.

    Aleksander Niemczyk

    Aleksander Niemczyk


  • 5 Ways To Improve Worker Safety At Manufacturing Plants

    5 Ways To Improve Worker Safety At Manufacturing Plants

    Working in a factory can be very dangerous. Heavy machinery, electrical equipment or high temperatures are just some of the hazards that can harm an employee. Safety courses and good practices can prevent many accidents and make employees pay more attention to the safety of themselves and others.

    Antoni Gradowski

    Antoni Gradowski


  • What makes Action Audit special?
    auditAction Audit

    What makes Action Audit special?

    Action Audit is a comprehensive tool that has already helped many companies in managing their audit processes. What makes it different from other tools? Why is Action Audit so appreciated by our clients?

    Antonina Olszewska

    Antonina Olszewska


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