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Lean Transformation

Lean Transformation

Lean transformation is the process of introducing changes in an organization in order to maximize the flow of value generated for the customer. As a result of this process, wasteful activities are identified, removed or optimized.

Many believe that Lean is only about eliminating waste, but this is not entirely true, but Lean Transformation is a much broader concept. Lean is about creating more value for the customer, and minimizing waste is just a consequence.

The way to carry out the Lean transformation is the use of the concept of the so-called Lean Management, which, thanks to its core values and a positive impact on the overall performance of companies, seems to be a universal management tool to achieve the intended goal.

Lean Transformation

The concept of "Lean Management" can be applied to any business or production process, from production to marketing and software development. As part of the Action Plan and Action Audit, we focus, of course, on production aspects.

Lean Management, being a tool to carry out Lean transformation, is based on 3 simple principles:

  • deliver value from your customer’s perspective

  • eliminate waste

  • continuous improvement

Lean Transformation using Action Plan & Action Audit

Lean Transformation using Action Plan & Action Audit

The Action Audit module is one of the elements of a much larger system, which is the Action Plan software. It is a very comprehensive IT solution available online and on mobile phones, especially useful in the Lean transformation process not only of a production plant, but also of any other organization.

The Action Plan consists of several modules, each of which provides the tools necessary for the lean transformation process:

  • Action Plan -

    the basic application module for planning and enforcing general action plans

  • Action Audit -

    a module for planning, conducting and reporting audits with automatic addressing of corrective actions

  • Action Kaizen -

    a module for collecting, assessing and implementing innovative ideas submitted by employees at every level of the organization

  • Action Plan Pulse -

    a mobile application closely related to each of the above-mentioned modules, optimizing the time and workload necessary to carry out activities related to Lean Management

Lean Transformation using Action Plan & Action Audit

Key benefits of becoming a Lean Master with the Action Plan software

All tools in one consistent software

- as previously mentioned, Action Plan is a modular solution that provides all the tools necessary for the implementation of the Lean transformation process.

Continuous improvement built into the software

- continuous improvement and the concept of implementing improvements in small steps (Kaizen) are in fact built into the software. Each of its elements, and the Action Kaizen module in particular, contain mechanisms supporting magnagers and other members of the organization in implementing the Lean Management concept..

Lean Management from your computer and phone

- Action Plan Pulse mobile application provides a number of functions that allow you to carry out Lean management activities, thanks to which members of the organization can participate in the Lean transformation process wherever and whenever.

How to run Action Audit in 3 steps?

Step 1

Click on the link below and fill out a short form in which we will ask you to present a few basic parameters regarding audits in your company.

Step 2

One of our specialists will contact you to arrange an online meeting to see how Action Audit will work in your organization.

Step 3

Based on the information from the form and the meeting, we will prepare an Action Audit especially for you and make it available for free testing for 30, 45 or even 60 days!