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Kaizen, or Continuous Improvement

Quick Kaizen

Quick Kaizen

The Japanese word 'kaizen' means improvement, enhancement, change for the better. Beyond literal translation, Kaizen is a philosophy of continuous improvement through small but systematic steps (actions).

This concept is frequently utilized as a Lean Management tool in manufacturing enterprises, often implemented through employee suggestion systems.

It involves the engagement of all employees in the pursuit of production excellence, where each staff member, regardless of hierarchy, can submit innovative ideas aimed at improvement/enhancement of production.

Quick Kaizen

Management must also demonstrate significant engagement, being open to suggested ideas and objectively evaluating them in terms of gains and costs.

A well-functioning Kaizen system can bring numerous benefits to a company, primarily improving the production process and the quality of manufactured products and services – as lower-level employees best understand what would enhance their work. Additionally, the implementation of employee ideas can generate cost savings, improve safety and communication, positively impacting the company's reputation.

Quick Kaizen in Action Audit

Quick Kaizen in Action Audit

A well-organized system of employee suggestions can aid in refining production and implementing innovative solutions. The Quick Kaizen module in the Action Audit software is designed to facilitate the operation of employee suggestion systems. It is a more efficient and convenient solution than paper forms or lists of ideas in Excel.

  • Organized list of ideas -

    a transparent list of suggestions that ensures no submitted ideas 'disappear', with filters assisting in quickly locating a specific idea and checking its current status, point sums, or reasons for rejection.

  • New idea -

    suggestions can be submitted in a few clicks, both through the web platform and the mobile app. Simply describe the problem and proposed solution (with the option to add photos) and specify the department to which the suggestion applies. It is also possible to identify the originator, the person responsible for implementation, and the priority of the idea.

  • Ready reports -

    easily check summaries of questions (in a specific time period), category reports, delays, originators, as well as reports on reasons for rejection.

  • Reward system -

    implementing employee suggestions reinforces their sense of responsibility and contribution to the production process. A suitable reward system for the best ideas also positively influences creativity and the willingness to continue submitting ideas to receive employee suggestion programs.

The Quick Kaizen module assists in the proper functioning of the employee suggestion system, from idea submission, through evaluation and implementation, to the analysis of built-in reports.

Quick Kaizen in Action Audit


Greater involvement of all employees

- With Quick Kaizen, employee suggestions can be submitted quickly and easily, thanks to the application on the phone/tablet. After submitting an idea, it immediately appears in the system, and the evaluation process can practically begin immediately. This encourages employees to submit innovations, translating into their engagement in activities improving the company's work.

Improved team communication

- The employee suggestion system ensures that the opinion of each employee matters, allowing management to recognize their engagement and contribution to the improvement of the organization's work. With Quick Kaizen, the flow of information in the company is fast, thanks to all input data being immediately in the system.

Cost reduction and improvement of product/service quality

- A well-functioning employee suggestion program generates savings and enables continuous improvement in quality through the introduction of new solutions. Quick Kaizen allows for the organization of employee ideas and control over their implementation. This enables the program to operate efficiently.

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